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The Big G factor

Albert Einstein, person of the 20th century. He is referred to by many as the greatest scientist and physicist of all times. Till today, the world still owe Albert Einstein a great respect for his never before earth-quaking principles and theories.

It is not unusual to hear some philosophers try to attribute their researches to mental power and concentration, excluding the obvious and constant factor, the factor which is the one force that controls all other forces in the universe.

Albert Einstein never failed in his time to identify and recognize the influence of the big G(God Almighty) in his works.

Many people try to dodge the obvious, they try to say that the earth was formed by a big bang. The question is even if they say there was a big bang a force must have engendered that big bang.

No man, no being can run away from the reality that there is a supreme force above every other force that controls every other force, or forces. That supreme force is a force higher than every other force. People call that great and living force many different names in their different or adverse tongues.

Factor in business is important because no matters how analytical you could be in business, there are forces beyond you that most act in your favour for things to work in your favour in the physical. If the powers that be are against you, you efforts may amount to nothing.

For instance, to do business you need to be in good health, you need a sound mind and body, you need spiritual protection, you need no distraction.

It will be easier in a business journey to seek the help, guidance and direction of the big G. every human, is a combination of both conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious spirit of a man is the connector that must be stirred in the right order for innovations and creativity to come.

The big G speaks inspiration, revelations and secrets to an active subconscious mind, you show the right path to a subconscious mind that acknowledges his supremacy and ability to change anything.

The mediation of communication to the big G is very simple. Many call it supplication, others call it seeking praising, asking and seeking. It is called by other as prayers.

Before and after the due processes of your proposed entrepreneurial activity or activities, you will have to ask for the help of the big G the big “G” where G stands for God Almighty.


Most incredible feats in world history were achieved when no other option seemed to exist. Soldiers fight with greater courage and determination when there is no other alternative to live but to win. The road to financial freedom is a battle, and the much desired victory could be hampered by distractions.

A business is like a child that must be well nurtured to grow healthy, strong and productive.

An entrepreneur grows both technically and in income by learning. The process of learning in business involves understanding the various sub-concepts and principles that must come in place for positive changes to take place in the business. Making mistakes, learning from them and improving constantly is the hallmark of an entrepreneur. Even surgery brain one of the co-founder of Google said that an idea that is undeveloped is like a garden that is untendered.

An entrepreneur must learn to set aside every form of discouragement from taking the bold step to starting the process of his or her business. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. Little drops of water could make even an ocean, room was not built in a day.

Starting small and growing big is the usual path in the world of entrepreneurism. Burn those back-setting thoughts of fear of failure, fear of losing, fears that are capable of keeping you stagnant and static doing nothing. You must do something now for something to happen. If you don’t do something now, nothing will happen, and if nothing happens, you are more likely to remain in the same position come this time next year. ‘’knowledge is powers’’ they say but how can knowledge be power when it is not put into use. Knowledge is only power when it becomes dynamic, knowledge is dynamic when it is put to use. Having many academic degrees cannot be equated to the ampunt of money that you can generate when you put it to use. A great invention or innovation can put you in the hall of fame of billionaires but you must invent it first, and if you don’t enter the laboratory of thinking and application like Thomas Edison, Micheal farady, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Fored how can your acquired static knowledge become power by being dynamic.

Burn the bridges of set back and discouragement today and do something. Do something with what you where you are.


Break even analysis is a good tool for assessing alternative business opportunities when entrepreneur is to take decision on which location, which spot to do his or her business or which business to go for. Although the passion for a particular business may exist and an entrepreneur not which to substitute if with another. In such case the entrepreneur will have to do a thorough analysis to take the final decision on where to locate the business.

After determining or going through the process of design of products and services and the delivery, the next phase would be where will I do the business?

Firstly, an entrepreneur must consider the traffic for his business. A good traffic present a better opportunity for the survival, sustenance and growth of the business. The business must have customers at most after six months of advertising and marketing frame works put in place. Must start generating income to at least break even.

Points to note for breakeven analysis

  • The rent for your business location’

The business calculations for a rent of N600, 000 per annum will certainly be different from that of N360, 000 per annum.

For instance, at N600, 000 per annum rent, an entrepreneur will have to know that the cost for rent is N50, 000 per month. He should then include other costs like employee monthly salary for the first one year. Let’s say there is one employee that should be paid N30, 000 monthly. So you factor that in also. This brings the monthly expense to N80, 000. If the total expense per month after other cost are added sums up to N150, 000 per month, the entrepreneur should analyse the least number of customer per day. It should be noted that in this analysis the business owner is expected to under estimate sales. Under-estimation and gives room for margin of safety of the analysis and calculations.

The business owner should observe competition in the geographical area where he proposes to site his business and study the flow or purchasing of the products he wishes to sell or services to render. He should study the shortfalls of his proposed competitor’s and the level of demand for the existing products or services.

Considerations should be taken also on the average purchasing power of the potential customers. Population growth should be noted also for instance, it is better to establish a business in an area where there is a steady rise in population than in a place where population is diminishing. Put these factors into consideration your calculations, and come to conclusion. It is advised that the business owner should not over-estimate figures. He or she should be though in his study before adopting a conclusion.

Poor breakeven analysis may affect negatively the viability of his or her proposed business.







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