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Point 1:

Learn to derive your money

People derive marriage from relationships. You derive money payment (money) from goods and services. You derive a chemical product from the chemical raw materials. You derive a delicious pot of food from the food stuffs. Learn how to derive your money from what you have, what you know and what you can do. Dan.S Kennedy, author of “how to turn your ideas into millions” said, “what you see as common knowledge may be a revelation and a secret of immense value to one who do not know it’’. Coke is sold in billions of litres weekly worldwide. The formula for that drink is the knowledge. Each coke bottled drink said is derived from that knowledge. The bottled drinks that are sold is derived from that knowledge. The bottled drinks are paid for and money comes in. This means that the money is derived from the technical knowledge used in creating the coke drink. Bill Gates wrote Q basic, later Dos and then he and his friend Paul Allen formed Microsoft and packaged a software (Windows), and in strong licensed agreements had many computer companies run windows on their platform, paying Microsoft a licensing fee for the windows software installed in each computer unit they sell. This turned Gates and Allen into billionaires in few years.

Windows is the product of their technical business skills. The money was derived from the product. Aliko Danogte set up a business system, and soon started bringing in news ideas; and products. The ideas are a reflection of the technical knowledge of he and his business team. The capital financed it. Today he is Africa’s  No 1 Billionaire, billions that were derived from multiple streams of income that came from products and services created from the technical knowledge and finance from his company.

If you have a particular technical knowledge you know is in high demand now, begin to think an how to package it into sellable poroducts or serviices that will create your own derived money.

Point 2:

The four components of a human

A human is made of four components. These are the spiritual, emotional, Mental and physical components. It is left for each individual to determine which component to build and which to ignore. One thing is the level of success a person attains in life is related to the level at which a person operates in these four components. However, these components are not of the same level of importance but all must be strongly built to ensure a successful being and life in general. Here is the order of these four components





As you can see in the above, the spiritual component came first while the physical comes last. The emotional component comes second, the mental and physical came after. Most humans focus on the third and fourth component. Many focus on the third, others focus more on the fourth. Let me take you into the explanations of the nature, meaning and relevance of these four component to the successful wellbeing and living of a human.




The spiritual controls the physical. The earth revolves around its orbit once in 24hours. Space scientists discovered planets hanging in space and other heavenly bodies. It is said that the sun is a fusion of incomprehensive amount of burning gases hanging up several millions of miles away from the earth. It is also said or widely believed that a particular force or forces working together in a harmonious principle or set of principles ensure that these bodies do not fall of or malfunction. This is a simple illustration of the term, ‘’spiritual’’ so, without the moon, sun and earth working harmoniously our  living may be endangered, seas and oceans could just empty out and sweep away living things, the amount of heat from the sun could just come down beyond tolerable levels and burning everything up, the earth could just stop moving and part of it remain in darkness for years, rain could just cease from falling in certain areas for decades, many unconventional things that could endanger humans, plants and animal living on earth.

For the physical to work in order, spiritual principles must be obeyed, they must be sought after and adhered to. Spirit simply mean ‘’not physical’’ spirit could be forces beyond physical strength, it also means powers that be’’. No matter your hard work, intelligence, smartness or brilliance as the case may be, so long as the supernatural forces or powers that be are against you and are actually in charge over your affairs, you may have little head away. If you want to engage in a journey and go against fundament principles that are necessary for your success in that journey, except there is a divine intervention, the expected success may not come to fruition. Spiritual component works with the principle of relativity and significance. It also works with the principle of give and take, action and reaction. It works with the principle of Time and Space. It works with the principle of words and thoughts. It works with many principles. The principle of the power of the night, serenity, medication, imagination.No being no will do well spiritually in a noisy inner environment. Still waters run deep, there is wisdom in silence.

To be successful, you must get your spiritual component right. This will command unseen forces to your aid, time and space will be your friends. Insight and illumination of the mind comes from God Almighty; how can you get that when God is not on your side-the spiritual component. Every human needs this first to succeed. Every other factor came after this.


This is another primary engine room of a human. The world activities and operations, world economics, national economic and market forces all run around the magnetic repulsive or attractive force of one thing, emotions. Emotions can simply be defined as ‘’ how one feels’’ it is the product of the biochemical reaction fields of process and results by feeding from a huge reserves of information, information reservoir derived from many sources of conventional and orthodox socio-cultural, socio-economic and socio-political beliefs and prejudices. Let me make this less complex by using an illustration. There is a part of Nigeria where ‘’pork meat’’ is forbidden, you could even be lynched for selling ‘’pork meat’’ in that part of the country, the youth and adults have grown to hear and believe strongly that something very demeaning and deceitful is attached to eating ‘’park meat’’ and so every act of practise selling pork meat’’ that is against the widely held belief of not eating it would be met with aggression and stiff resistance. This same ‘’pork meat’’ will be seen as a normal and cherished delicacy in may bars and restaurants in many other part of the country.

Our emotional framework determines how we think and react to issues, and this includes money making. In most Nigerian homes, children are not allowed to discuss money. In many cases children or people who discuss money are seen as greedy and “money conscious’’, these people attach the meaning of “detest” or may be ‘’evil’’ to the discussion of money. There is also a denegrative societal emotions toward riches and rich men. In some parts of Nigeria, it is believed that some people are born to be rich while others are born to beg from them and in many cases serve them. And in most cases, these few rich ones turn out to be like a “small god” to these ones begging from them. And to avoid competition, the few rich ones in these part of the country do everything do discourage the ignorant ones from striving to become like them. An external attempt to change this order could be met with stiff resistance and aggression.

In most Nigeria homes, it is very ironical to see that the same people who do not want to be around those who discuss money or have their children do same, have problems that are mostly money related. I mean most of their problems can be solved by money. What a hypocrisy!

To be successful and rich and then wealthy, you must first refrain yourself from the mental attitude of money being meant for a specific few, and money not to be discussed.

Money is great force, if you don’t understand its nature and learn continuously how to master and control it, it will master and control you. Today, we live in a highly materialistic and urbanised world. Today, money is no longer tied to the gold standard. Today there is an everyday rising pressure of demand for higher standards of living. Today, money calls the shots in world economics of human affairs-demand and supply.
















Emotional framework also has to do with way a person reacts to issues. Bill Gates in his book, ‘’Business at the speed of thought’’ said, learn how to turn bad news into success. A person with an emotional framework that handles bad news and turn it into inaction, dormancy, and redundancy that leads to continued depression and giving up on life need to first eliminate that framework and then change into a new framework of positive thinking. Positive thinking from ‘’I can’t’’, to ‘’how can I’’, from ‘’I won’t’’ to ‘’how will I’’ from ‘’Never’’ to, ‘’could’’, from ‘’impossible’’ to ‘’possible’’. Negative thinking generates negative emotions that shuts the brain and closes the mind and possibilities alike. Positive thinking opens the brain and create possibilities. Suicides are products of acute emotional negatives. Without good emotional management, a person may not reach success at all or find it hard to reach his or her aspirations.



The mental component has to do with knowledge information, meditation and imagination. To build this component to become strong one must learn to search for relevant business seminars, read business books and journals, listen to business talks on radio stations and watch business and business related programs on T.V, one must learn to observe and search critically for logical answers to business questions. The hot pursuit of business knowledge and information will engender the massive accommodation of knowledge which can be converted to into ideas and concepts leading to innovations.

Another important aspect of the mental component is ‘’meditation’’ and ‘’imagination’’. Meditation means maximum concentrated thought on a particular idea.

Imagination is opening up the mind for new ideas. Imagination is like unlocking a door and gaining passage into an area of possibilities. Meditation means searching for answers in that area. Unfortunately, about 97% of humanity don’t engage in the practice of meditation and imagination, only about 3% do. This explains why 97% of the resources and finances of the world is controlled by 3% of the world population. Take Nigeria for instance, a country with about 200million people, officially 170million, you will observe that about 3% men that control over 97% of the Nigeria economy and finances are less than 6million, this 3% are people who have refused to engage only their five senses in their daily human endeavours. They have developed and constantly put to use their sixth sense of subconscious thinking, meditation, imagination backed by learning, study and resilience



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