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I Lost my job, my girlfriend dumped me and nairalanders saved me from suicide

I Lost my job, my girlfriend dumped me and nairalanders saved me from suicide

Today the 8 of April makes it exactly 1 year that one of my bank accounts had over a million naira and it was that same amount that changed my life forever.

yes it changed my life so badly that it nearly made me commit suicide but thanks to these beautiful forum that came to my aid at just the last seconds of ending it all.

Now what you are about to read is my life story of how everything changed for bad in the space of just under a year and how
(1) i lost my job,
(2) my loving girlfriend dumped me,
(2) how I overcame some deep temptations
(4) how I overcame deep depression and nearly killed my self
(5) and how that my ex died and in her death I knew I had a son.

Just deciding to write about these has gotten me in a melancholy mood as I have been in a morose state for the past few days thinking about how my life changed but I know someone might learn from it. Now I had to use a new moniker for this as my former moniker has many things pointing directly to me as I don’t want anyone I know to know it’s me but I would surely be reading the comments with my real account and these could be lengthy but bear with me
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Re: I Lost my job, my girlfriend dumped me and nairalanders saved me from suicide by Tankunland(m): 7:40am On Apr 08
It was a Thursday in the month of September and i had walked and trekked all over IKEJA from 12pm till 5pm knocking on the door of every single hotel I could find asking them if they needed a new staff because I had been jobless for close to 6 months after loosing my job in the hotel where I worked.

I so needed a job because I was dead broke, hopeless, tired and on the verge of losing my mind when I got home tired and hungry by 7pm from my job hunting with just 50 naira left in my pocket when my neighbor came to knock on my door to tell me it was my turn to load our prepaid meter and I needed to get it done ASAP as it was gonna finish anytime soon.

I sighed in helplessness, I looked up the Sky looking for the savior in desperation and told her mu neighbor that I would get it done, When I got into my bedroom I collapse on my bed and called both the only 2 friends I had to send me 1k to load my apartment’s electricity but both of them gave me the same answer GUY ME SEF BROKE PASS YOU and as I was contemplating my next course of action my neighbor MAMA CHINEDU came to knock again on my door but this time she yelled and called my name Mr Michael ( not my real name) you are the only one that stays at home and finishes this light please go get it done soon as I was making dinner for my husband because it won’t be funny if this light gets to go off and as I laid helplessly on my bed I had her grumpling and walking away and right there and then I said yes it’s enough, I can’t take it again, no more, I was weak, i was defeated, i was empty and no will to fight again as the fight of the last 6 months had taking every single bit of strength from me and i went into my bathroom to take a bottle of sniper I had bought a week prior to that day and when I got back to my bedroom i cried, I prayed for the acceptance of my soul in heaven and called on my mom to come wait for me at the gate of heaven and on the verge of downing it all with my heart pounding so fast and my hands shaking uncontrollably a spirit just told me to bury my head in shame and beg publicly on Nairaland and live to fight another day and guy’s with tears in my eyes and my bruised pride and ego I wrote an epistle on a DAVIDO and CHIOMA’s thread even with my social media account as prove that I was real I begged on this forum that day and some people called me a scammer, some called me a liar but some encouraged me and told me not to give up and some beautiful soul send me all together 9k but one advice that changed a lot of things was a guy that told me young man instead of looking for a job while not create a job for yourself that’s me learning a skill so I would sell to people and right there I decided to learn how to fix CCTV camera.