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Point 1:

A business should be systemised

A business entity will have greater chances of succeeding,that is being profitable, well positioned and gaining a good share of the market when it operates as a system. For a business to be effective a good part of it should be automated or developed to run efficiently even when the entrepreneur is not there. A business is a system of systems. The purpose of every business is to minimise cost, maximise profits, and give customers a high value of products and services to their satisfaction.

The consequences of not systemising a business are grave. When a person sets up a business and begins to release products or services and the customers begin to flood in with their money, new problems are likely to set in, these problems could swallow up the operations, and consequently the profits of the business, and if there is no quick remedy this could send the business parking.

One problem is demand exceeding supply. A good entrepreneur should be able to higher good hands or hire, train and place people to do the same jobs so as to meet growing customers’ demands. Hiring persons and placing them on the job is not enough, they must be closely supervised and monitored. The quality of their work and how they handle and respond to customers and customers’ requests should be constantly under thorough check. When you lose a customer, you are likely to also lose his or her referrals, and that is why a good business must strive hard to constantly improve to fill up gaps in order to satisfy ever demanding and needy customers. Ignoring customers’ relation issues and focusing on selling alone is not advisable. A good business operator should take into cognisance the frequent complaints of customers and strive hard to fill up the gaps that cause those complains.

An unwelcoming and unfriendly clerk, receptionist, or employee should be cautioned and monitored for improvements. It is not systematic for the same person to do the planning production, selling, advertising, marketing and all other operations of a business. This practices may end up to the business operator being worn out and exhausted, and this could lead to a loss of enthusiasm and which is definitely inimical to the health and growth of the business.

For a business to be systemised, the entrepreneur should give room for growth, such rooms include delegating duties, and possibly employing the use of information and communication technology. There should be constant practice of researching for better ways to run the business even when the entrepreneur is not there.

The goal and aim of systemising a business is for your business to continue running even when you are not there, for profits and revenues to keep going up even if you are not there, for the ethics, ideals and culture of the business to be held up high continuously even when you are not there.




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