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10 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

10 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur

10 Ways to Stay Motivated as an Entrepreneur
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If you’ve just started on your quest to entrepreneurship, then you are probably finding it hard to set yourself tasks and goals without an employer or colleague supporting you. On the other hand, if you have been on this adventure for some time now, you have probably come in contact with some bumps in the road that have set you back. You may also find it hard to balance the multitude of entrepreneurial tasks you have with your personal life.


Either way, as an entrepreneur, it’s easy to lose motivation. The key is to not give up and to find ways with which you can lift yourself up on those longer, more grueling days. To help you, I’ve highlighted 10 ways you can stay motivated as an entrepreneur.

1. Set personal goals
You’ve probably created your business with specific goals in mind, objectives you want it to achieve, and of course, some core values you want it to live by. The problem is, many who start their own business forget to create their own personal goals. It is crucial that you write down your reasons for becoming an entrepreneur in the first place.

Whether it be on your computer, a piece of paper, or on your phone, have them handy so that you can read them whenever you feel you have lost motivation. Some of the reasons you have chosen to become an entrepreneur could be:

You want to be your own boss
You want to create your own projects
You want the opportunity to grow a business you are passionate about
You want to be able to eventually choose your salary
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2. Leverage triumphant entrepreneurial stories
There are thousands, if not millions, of success stories about entrepreneurs of all kinds making it in the real world. Use those stories as a source of motivation, and most importantly, learn from them. If you have a specific problem you need to overcome, look at ways others have done it in the past.

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3. Join the “Read With Entrepreneurs Book Club”
Reading can be a great way to temporarily jump into another world and learn new skills. People who read are typically able to better focus their attention, as well as overcome problems in new and creative ways. Online book clubs allow you to do all the above while meeting like-minded people.

Specifically, the “Read with Entrepreneurs Book Club” is where entrepreneurs from various industries regroup to tell their peers about inspirational and motivational books they have read. The Facebook group allows you to share your findings and learn from others while allowing you to discuss all things relating to entrepreneurship and business.

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4. Maintain a healthy routine
Stress is inevitable, but learning how to cope with it is crucial. People often forget to look after themselves physically if they are not feeling well emotionally. However, physical wellness can have a highly positive impact on your mental health, so it is crucial that you:

Maintain a healthy diet
Engage in regular exercise
Get some time to yourself (away from your work)
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5. Create a morning routine
To make sure you have a productive day, you need to start it properly. Once you have woken up, showered, and had breakfast, you should sit down and create your list of goals for the day. Try and make three-quarters of your goals business-related and one-quarter personal. These will help you stay focused and organized.

Some examples of business goals could be:

Contacting potential investors
Putting together a social media strategy
Writing new content for your blog
Examples of personal goals could be:

Having a date night with your partner
Watching a film you love
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6. Set reminders for yourself
Even with a list of goals displayed in front you, it’s easy to lose focus. Losing focus can lead to irritable behavior and a loss of motivation, so remember to set yourself reminders. You can use your phone to set alarms reminding you to:

Get certain tasks finished by specific times
Get off social media and focus on your work
Send emails to shareholders
Publish blogs or social media content
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7. Engage in motivational activities
You don’t have to always be focused only on your work. Indulging in other activities that you find motivational can also drive your entrepreneurial success. In your personal time, you could watch inspirational films, both fiction and documentaries, listen to motivating podcasts, or even listen to music you find uplifting. These activities can be performed at home, while preparing your meals, or during your commute.

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8. Get a good night’s sleep
Many believe that completing business-related tasks is worth missing out on a good night’s sleep, but the truth is, lack of sleep can lead to a lack of concentration and motivation. It is paramount that you get a good night’s sleep to be able to pursue your entrepreneurial tasks. You’ll notice that by delaying a task and getting some sleep, you will complete it twice as quickly the next day.

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9. Set challenges with your loved ones
The best form of motivation you can get is from your friends and family. They can pick you up when you’re feeling low, congratulate you when you achieve your desired milestones, and encourage you when you are in a slump. You can also engage in a bit of motivational peer pressure by challenging each other with various tasks.

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10. Reward yourself
Give yourself incentives by rewarding yourself for a job well done. Whether they’re big or small, your entrepreneurial victories are a milestone towards the overall success of your venture, so treating yourself can only encourage more hard work. Motivational rewards could be:

Dinner at a nice restaurant
Buying yourself something you’ve always wanted once you reach a monetary milestone
A vacation you’ve always wanted to take
Organizing drinks with friends