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Carry over tagged CO is one of the challenges facing some students in tertiary institutions. This is common with students who are not that bright. Some can have more than 2 CO per semester, adding to the ones accumulated in previous semesters. This is very discouraging and tasking. The challenges it causes are enormous and they are :

(1) Increased work load

When others are concentrating with only their semester course, a student with carry over will be burdened with the carry over courses in addition to  their present course. This is like worsening the problem, because most of these students are not that intelligent.

(2) Frustration

When you see your dream of a successful graduation fading away, it results in frustration. ”How can I overcome this hurdle”? They often ask themselves. It becomes more pathetic when they still fail the repeated course, and it can cause them expulsion after about 3 successive attempt. Looking at them, you could see the frustration over them.

(3) Shame and inferiority complex.

It takes courage to sit with your junior students taking lecture or examination. Some are ashame of this, they feel inferior and have a low self esteem. You could have your junior students asking you questions like, ”what are you doing in our class?” why did you fail the course?”‘ “is the course very hard?”. Very embarrassing questions!

(5) Challenge in relationships.

Many students especially the ladies, hardly associate with carry over students. They feel that they can’t help them in their academic work. So getting a girl friend is a problem. Every body will be rushing to befriend the intelligent students in the class.

Due to these challenges, some students are violent. They transfer the aggression to others. They are at the forefront of every aluta protest, fighting the school authority and others.

Some of them, does not see anything good in their lecturers. They abuse and castigate them in the presence of co-students. ” ”That lecturer is very wicked, upon all I wrote in the examination, he still gave me carry over, God will punish him.” those are some of the things they say. Some go to the extent of disturbing during class, sitting at the back of the auditorium causing distractions.

This frustration is shown in the dressing of some students, less attention is payed to their dressing and body care- with  unkept grown hair, rough attire, unwashed mouth etc

How can a student overcome the hurdles of carry over courses.

(1) Be focused

Say no to frustration and self pity because they only sap your energy. Focus on the solution to the problem. Be determined that no matter what, you will come out strong and successful.

(2) Leverage on the help of co-students. Yes, at this moment you really need help of your students, especially the brilliant ones . Let them put you through on your difficult area in the course. To the students, they can help you with lecture notes and recent information on the course.

(3) Identify with the course lecturer

Note, I didn’t mean going to bribe the lecturer. It is good the course lecture know you or at least your exam no. This will save you from the penalty of poor or no class attendance. Remember you may not be available for some class assignment and test, so you can be given consideration during grading of continuous assessment.

(5) Go extra mile

Put more time in your study than your colleagues. Take out some time from social activities to attend to your academic work. You should not abandon your present course work for the carry over course as this will cause another failure.

Note, this is not the end of the road, you can still come out in flying colors.




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