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  1. An investigation into the problems militating against the effective operation of small scale industries in udi local government area of enugu state
  2. Impact of accounts receivable in business organisation (a case study of pz industries plc enugu)
  3. Causes and consequences of single parent hood in imezi owa in ezeagu local government area of enugu state
  4. Problems facing small and medium scale enterprises in obtaining bank loans (a case study of union bank of nigeria plc ogui road enugu)
  5. The role of computer in improving secretarial functions in commerical banks in enugu urban (a case study of some selected banks in enugu urban)
  6. The impact of delegation on management decision (a case study of union bank nigeria plc enugu main 2001 – 2004)
  7. Impact of teacher’s involvement in examination malpractice on students in secondary schools in ebonyi state: afikpo educational zone
  8. The use of ict in teaching and learning of english language
  9. Problems of examination malpractice in tertiary institutions and ways of solving them
  10. The plight of refugees and displaced persons in nigeria: impact on the society.
  11. Problems and prospects of primary education in nigeria
  12. Conflict management strategies of principals as perceived by teachers in imo state secondary schools
  13. Evaluation of supervisory practices in public primary schools in anambra state
  14. Impact of text messaging and socio-media slangs on academic performance of students in college of education, moro ife north local government area, osun state
  15. Assessment of the influence of conflict resolution on the performance of an organization: a case study of edo state civil service
  16. The role of ofo in pre-colonial igbo
  17. Problem of teaching practical skills in building construction in government technical and vocational colleges in bauchi state
  18. Repetition and dropout rates in public secondary schools in atiba local government area of oyo state
  19. Boko haram and development of northeast nigeria (focus on yobe state)
  20. A comparative study of affixation processes in swahili and hausa languages
  21. The impact of staff discipline and control in an organization: a study of enugu state university of science and technology
  22. An analysis of ngos and humanitarian situation in the north east nigeria
  23. Kantian critique of the phenomenon of suicide
  24. Willingness to pay for sanitation: evidence from hedonic price model (hpm)
  25. Feminist aesthetics in neshani andreas’ the purple violet of oshaantu and binwell sinyangwe’s a cowrie of hope.
  26. Communication modes, religion and parents attitude as a determinant of psychosocial adjustment of learners with hearing impairment in ibadan north local government area
  27. Cross generation sex and academic performance leaners at kampala international university (case study of college of education opendistance and e-learning)
  28. Impact of doing teaching practice and receiving lectures on student academic performance (a case study of faculty of education, university of lagos)
  29. Factors associated with street hawking among children of school age
  30. Local government administration in nigeria: the search for relevance
  31. Appraisal of the economic implications of e-banking in nigeria banks (a case study of diamond bank)
  32. The effects of community policing in curbing criminality in jos south lga of plateau state, nigeria
  33. Effectiveness of multimedia facilities in improving students’ performance in computer studies in federal college of education, eha-amufu, enugu state.
  34. Attitudes of undergraduates of social studies unit towards entrepreneurship
  35. An assessment of the learning environment of early childhood and development education in public schools in esan west local government area of edo state, nigeria
  36. Types of planning in strategic management
  37. The challenges of economic integration in west africa
  38. Tackling the insecurity problem in nigeria
  39. Strategic thinking an apparatus to deciphering nigeria’s security enigma
  40. The role of education in ensuring gender equality and its effect in the society
  41. Towards quantifiable metrics warranting industry-wide corporate death penalties
  42. Education, economy and unemployment in contemporary nigeria
  43. The relevance of mother tongue in the achievement of constructivist science classroom environment at the primary education level in nigeria
  44. School climate and teacher commitment of selected high schools
  45. A study on the relationship between class size and effective teacher
  46. Public relations consultancy services
  47. The school public relations process
  48. The school public relations department
  49. Approaches and challenges of school public relations practice
  50. Ethics, code of conduct, policy statements and legal aspects of school public reations practice
  51. The school publics
  52. School public relations practice
  53. School public relations media
  54. Agricultural credit guarantee scheme fund and credit risk management.
  55. Defining quality in education
  56. The use of inquiry based learning to teach ohm’s law among secondary school physics teachers in kebbi state, nigeria
  57. Ethnic conflict and its impact on the socio-economic development of nigeria: a study of billiri, kaltungo and shongom crises in gombe state.
  58. Discovery of da vinci’s notes on paintings
  59. An investigation into the problems affecting the success of social intervention programmes in nigeria
  60. Teachers’ and students’ perceptions on the adequacy of upper basic social studies curriculum as a tool for citizenship participation and national security, nigeria
  61. Problems and prospects of management of school records in gboko
  62. Human resource management (hrm) project-oriented organisations: challenges and changes
  63. The effects of rural-urban migration on the development of rural communities in awka south local government area
  64. Solid waste management in enugu urban
  65. Urbanization trend in awka town [1991 – 2014] in awka south local government area
  66. Evaluation of teachers input and academic performance of student in geography in onitsha educational zone
  67. Graphic materials in educational technology
  68. Code-switching and code-mixing: a dynamic style in nigeria music industry
  69. Family and marital satisfaction and the use of social network technologies
  70. Family variables and students academic performance in social studies education in obubra local government area of cross river state
  71. Entrepreneurship education and employment
  72. Corruption and challenges of educational delivery in nigeria with special emphasis on leadership and management of education
  73. Assessment of teaching method in junior secondary schools in ika south local government area of delta state
  74. Introduction to women and political development in nigeria; 2005-2014
  75. The role of christian religion studies teacher in checking sexual immorality among female students: a case study of selected secondary schools in ikere local government of ekiti state
  76. Effect of school environmental factors on teaching and learning of economics in secondary schools
  77. Effects of examination malpractices on educational system in nigeria
  78. An assessment of secondary school students’ performance in economics in ado ekiti local government area of ekiti state
  79. An investigation into cost and students` learning outcomes in selected senior secondary school subjects in lagos state
  80. Teaching moral education for restoration of national dignity in nigeria
  81. Tax revenue and economic growth in nigeria
  82. Re-constructing vocation and technical education for skills acquisition by secondary school students.
  83. Teachers’motivation and academic achievement of senior secondary school students in abuja municipal area council, fct, abuja
  84. Factors contributing to school dropout among girls in tanzania
  85. Nation building in a multicultural society
  86. The impact of poor revenue generation on the development of local government areas in nigeria
  87. Nigeria foreign debt and their challenges in economy recovery
  88. Nema, state contigency response agencies and the conflict refugee management in northeastern nigeria: a social work perspective
  89. The causes of pirate attack on the gulf of guinea and the adopted solution in africa
  90. The impact of rapid population increase on economic growth in nigeria
  91. Causes of divorce and its effect on child up-bringing among women in oji-river l.g.a, enugu state.
  92. We matter too; the role of government in financing private universities
  93. Effect of computer aided instruction on students’ achievement and retention by egbodo benson
  94. The effect of poverty level in eastern nigeria (a case study of nsirimo amaise autonomous community)
  95. The bedeviled of bokoharam insurgency in northern nigeria
  96. The effects of social life on students’ academicperformance in tertiary institutions, a case studyadeyemi college of education, ondo
  97. Domestic terrorism and its impacts on nigerian state: an analysis of boko haram insurgency
  98. Reflective practice of a physics teacher
  99. Impact of the human relations theory on educational administration
  100. Where in the administrative process in my school are some of the strength and weaknesses as far as the structural theory of administration is concerned
  101. Comparing the “national principles of education in japan” to the “principles of the 1987 educational reforms in ghana”
  102. Problems and issues of curriculum development in ghana
  103. Exploring technology in teaching biology at senior high schools in cape coast metropolis
  104. Analysis of shs integrated science syllabus for ghana
  105. Revenue allocation formulae in nigeria: a continuous search
  106. Assessment of the impact of universal basic education act on girl-child access to junior secondary education in federal capital territory
  107. The effects of social media on student engagement and collaboration: the use of facebook at the university of botswana.
  108. The nigerian state, security and boko haram (2010-2015): an evaluation
  109. Knowledge and attitude of senior secondary school students towards drug abuse in ijebu-north local government area ogun state
  110. Teacher and student knowledge and disposition on family planning as a component of sexuality education in social studies
  111. Income and health nexus in nigeria
  112. Nigeria and challenge of national security: study on boko haram insurgency in borno state
  113. Full project on rural tourism development and economic diversification in nigeria
  114. Art as a vehicle to religious education in enugu state (a- case study of ezeagu local government area)
  115. Problems affecting efficient performance on secretarial functions (a case study of selectced organization and ministeries in enugu metropolis)
  116. The relevance of industrial work experience to secretarial students
  117. The causes and effects of economic meltdown on the nigerian economy
  118. The impact of financial institution on the economic development of nigeria (a case study of commercial bank in enugu urban)
  119. The impact of oil industry on the economic development of nigeria (a case study of nigeria national petroleum corporation (nnpc) )
  120. Problems and prospects of universal basic education in adamawa state
  121. Causes of early marriage perceived by adults in asa local government area of kwara state
  122. Adult education programmes as a strategy for poverty alleviation in ughelli north local government of delta state
  123. (arts) combine eng,govt,lit, crs&eco) unn post-utme past questions & answers for sciences, social sciences and arts.
  124. (social science combine eng,govt,eco,crk& bio) unn past question and anwsers
  125. Constraints to the teaching of oral english in udi lga of enugu state
  126. A survey of instructional materials in use in the teaching of social studies in secondary schools in isu local government area of imo state
  127. A survey of ict driven instructional aids in use in teaching of social studies in jss level in afikpo north local government area of ebonyi state
  128. The availability and utilization of instructional materials in teaching and learning of biology in senior secondary schools
  129. Causes of the reduction in the enrolment of business education. A study in the cape coast metropolis
  130. Teachers attitude towards the teaching of sex education in secondary schools: a case study of jos-north local government area of plateau state
  131. The role of ngos in advocating the rights of women in nigeria
  132. The dichotomy of and hnd holders in nigeria
  133. Problems of examination malpractice in tertiary institutions and their solutions
  134. Application of computer assisted instruction to educational institution
  135. Globalisation as a blessing not a curse
  136. The impact of ethnicity to national development
  137. The effect of parental influence on the choice of career among secondary school students
  138. Selection and utilization of social studies instructional methods by secondary school teachers in ebonyi state
  139. Influence of family background on the academic performance of upper basic students of ilorin south local government area of kwara state
  140. Attitude and perception of students and teachers towards examination malpractices.
  141. Actualizing sustainable development goal four (4) for early childhood education in nigeria
  142. Evaluating impact of the quality learning environment model implemented by save the children to hwange district rural primary schools in matabeleland, zimbabwe to promote quality education
  143. The internal and external supervision practices used in primary schools in zimbabwe to enhance teacher effectiveness for quality implementation of the competency based curriculum: a case of h
  144. Effects of marital conflict management skills on marital stability among literate couples in northern cross river state
  145. Smuggling and upe programme in busia town council,busia district uganda
  146. Single parenting and faivhly welfare in narumoru division in nanyuki to”vn council
  147. The effect of free senior high school policy on the economic and social lives of parents and their wards in ghana
  148. Causes of poor performance in mathematics in secondary schools in kiamokama division, masaba south district, kenya
  149. Attitudes of students towards the performance of science subjects in secondary schools in sabunley secondary school, wajir east district-north eastern province
  150. Inculturation of the concept of god in the traditional religion of the abagusii of western kenya
  151. The history, beliefs and practices of the voice of salvation and healing church, 1954-2012
  152. The challenges faced by teachers teaching children with mental reta~dation in masimba division, masaba, district of kenya
  153. Impact of high dropout rate among girls in secondary schools in kapsabet division, nandi central district kenya
  154. Factors influencing girls’ performance in science subjects at secondary school level: a case study of miguta secondary school in kiambu district
  155. The assesement of students attitudes towards school prefects in secondary schools in nakuru central division, kenya
  156. Comparative study of archaeological assemblages in two lake basins in kenya during the later stone age period
  157. Integration of investigative science process skill teaching strategy on students’ achievement, problem solving, motivation at secondary school physics embu county, kenya
  158. Effects of variability of selected climatic elements on malaria prevalence in awendo division, rongo district, migori county, kenya
  159. Equity and quality in nigerian education (a book of readings in honour of) professor c.n. Musa
  160. Effectiveness of democratic leadership style and primary school teachers’ work morale in tanzania the case of kiteto district
  161. The influence of internet-enabled phone uses on secondary school students’ academic achievements in dodoma city
  162. Indiscipline behaviour among teachers in tanzanian public secondary schools a case study of bariadi town council
  163. Influences of gender towards career maturity among secondary school students in zanzibar: a case of magharibi district
  164. Health promotion in public primary schools in tanzania: effectiveness and impact
  165. Shadow education in tanzania: observation from preschools in ludewa district
  166. The prevalence and effects of sports betting on the behaviors of secondary school students in tanzania: the case of dodoma city council
  167. Head teachers in the context of monitoring teaching and learning: the case of selected public primary schools in kondoa district, tanzania
  168. Strategies for motivating teachers in tanzanian rural public ordinary secondary schools: a case of ushetu council in kahama district
  169. The impact of equip-tanzania on primary school teachers’ professional capacity to develop teaching and learning materials: a case of kongwa district
  170. The study of the effect of science camp program in zanzibar: focus on participation by gender
  171. Parents and teachers’ roles in promoting reading habits among secondary school students in tanzania: a case of busokelo district
  172. Adult education in contemporary tanzania: a swot analysis of learning programmes in selected urban and rural settings
  173. Integrative language supportive materials for enhancing learners’ development of economics language competencies in tanzanian advanced secondary school
  174. The influence of school climate on classroom instruction in public secondary schools in tanzania: the case of iramba district
  175. Prospects and challenges of provision of nonformal education in formal education institutions: the case of the institute of adult education centre in songea
  176. Enhancing andragogy methods and outcomes in adult and non formal education: design of photograph – based geography instructional materials (pbim)
  177. The influence of artisanal and small scale mining on primary school pupils’ learning achievements: a case of biharamulo district – tanzania
  178. Investigation of the opportunities and challenges facing pupils with disabilities in implementing inclusive education in tanzania: a case of igunga district
  179. Testing practices in inclusive primary schools: experience of pupils with disabilities in tanzania
  180. Assessing the utilization of capitation grants in public primary schools: a case study of iringa district in tanzania
  181. Roles of heads of schools to teachers’ professional development at work place in public secondary schools: the case of kilombero district in morogoro region
  182. Influence of teacher’s knowledge and skills of competence based assessment practices on student’s achievements in commerce: a case of selected secondary schools in dodoma city
  183. Assessment of success of the training of head of secondary schools that was conducted in june, 2011 a case of sengerema district
  184. Creating community of learners through teacher resource centres and strategies for teachers’ professional development: a case study of north unguja region, zanzibar
  185. Effective approach for developping reading skills in standard two in primary schools in tanzania: the case of kiteto district
  186. Copping strategies among orphans in enhancing their academic achievements in tanzania
  187. Parents’ participation in school development activities: a case of selected community secondary schools in kilwa district, tanzania
  188. The plight of orphans and other vulnerable children in foster families and their access to education
  189. Contribution of school management committees in quality improvement of primary education: the case of shinyanga district in tanzania
  190. Application of information and communication technology (ict) in teaching and learning process in primary schools: a study of morogoro municipality
  191. Influence of teachers’ competence on learning english in primary schools in zanzibar: the case of west district
  192. Challenges faced by secondary school teachers in raising girls interest in science subjects in lushoto district-tanzania
  193. Changing students’ unwanted behaviors: the case of secondary schools at kiwengwa tourist area in zanzibar
  194. Assessing the influence of school meals on students’ attendance in community secondary schools: the case of korogwe district
  195. Effects of constructivist teaching strategy on students conceptualisation of electrostatics in secondary school physics in nakuru district, kenya
  196. Effects of constructivist teaching approach on students’ achievement and attitude towards secondary school chemistry in baringo north district, kenya
  197. Effects of teams – games – tournaments cooperative learning strategy on students’ mathematics achievement, self- concept and perception of learning environment in public secondary schools in
  198. Effects of science process skills teaching approach on secondary school students’ achievement and self-concept in chemistry, nyando district, kenya
  199. Evaluting the effectiveness of the skills acquisition programmes for school drop-outs in nigeria
  200. Performance in kinematics using cooperative learning among secondary school students in sabatia sub-county, kenya
  201. Classification of factors contributing to high prevalence of occupational accidents at sino zimbabwe cement company.
  202. An investigation of small christian communities and evangelizaton in the catholic church in vihiga county, kenya
  203. Effects of enhanced concept mapping strategy on the teaching and learning of upper basic school social studies
  204. Evaluation of basic nursing education programme in nigeria
  205. Developing the grammatical competence of public primary school teachers in lagos state through school based in service training
  206. The 5 main ethical principles to research process
  207. An evaluation of the curricula of private islamic schools in south-west nigeria: design of a new curriculum
  208. Contribution of international organisations in enhancing food security a case of world food programme in chamwino district, dodoma
  209. Fllmu agbelewo g£ge bi ohun-elo ikoni ni a§a ati litiresq alohun yoruba: fumu arugba ati ba$orun gaa gege bi awota”
  210. Knowledge and perception of the risks of malaria during pregnancy among women in amasaman sub- municipality
  211. Barriers to high coverage during mass drug administration for the control of lymphatic filariasis in ayawaso sub-metro in the greater accra, region.
  212. Influence of drug abuse on the academic performance of secondary school student in enugu north local government area in enugu state
  213. Evaluation of the implementation of the gifted education programme in nigeria: implications for counselling
  214. Evaluation of christian knowledge religious curriculum iin junior secondary schools in plateau state of nigeria-1985-2000
  215. Exclusive breastfeeding practices among first-time mothers in kassena-nankana municipality
  216. Teacher quality as a determinant of pupils’ academic performance in religious and moral education: a survey
  217. Teachers’, students’ and parents’ perception of home economics programme in senior high schools in north tongu
  218. Teachers’ and pupils’ perceptions of the religious and moral education programme in the junior high school; implication for curriculum design
  219. Psychological predictors of life satisfaction among undergraduates
  220. Fidelity approach to implementing the senior high school french curriculum among selected schools in the takoradi metropolis
  221. Social studies teachers’ competence in teaching and assessing learning outcomes in the affective domain in new juaben municipal senior high schools
  222. An evaluation of the teaching and learning of history in senior high schools in the central region of ghana
  223. Girls’ re-entry into school after pregnancy in the ashiedu keteke sub-metro district, accra
  224. Assessment of pedagogical and content competences among senior high school teachers of twi language in the kwabre east district of ashanti region, ghana
  225. Evaluation of the christian religious studies curriculum: a convergent study of senior high schools in the cape coast metropolis
  226. The fidelity approach to the teaching of core english language in bompeh senior high school – a case study
  227. Perceptions of kindergarten teachers use of play as a teaching technique in afadjato south district, volta region
  228. Gender differences in academic performance of financial accounting students in selected senior high schools in the central region of ghana
  229. The role of microfinance in funding small & medium enterprises: harekello town of goro dolla district in focus, ethiopia
  230. The role of multiple literacies in developing interdisciplinary research
  231. The interplay between gender and student classroom participation a case study of university of swat
  232. The impact of the indian movie three idiots (2009) on attitudes to education
  233. The effects of e-reading and printed document reading on students’ comprehension and retention power
  234. The effects of authentic pedagogical practices on students’ educational performance and retention power
  235. Test anxiety: gender and academic achievements of university students
  236. A study to investigate the relationship between self-esteem and moral judgement
  237. The effectiveness of scientific attitude toward physics teaching through inquiry method verses traditional teaching lecture method of female students at secondary school level in pakistan
  238. Relationship of learning styles and academic performance of secondary school students
  239. Quality university education through conducive classroom learning environment
  240. The prevalence of post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) among flood affected school children in pakistan
  241. Psychology of learning entrepreneurship skills: nurturing learning styles of students
  242. Learning entrepreneurship: a study of instructional practices in business education and entrepreneurial skills of business graduates in pakistan
  243. Impact of entrepreneurial leadership on the performance of higher education
  244. An investigation of teaching methodologies and disciplinary problems in overcrowded classrooms
  245. Effects of flip learning approach on prospective teachers’ pedagogical skills
  246. Social networking and depression among university students
  247. 5e instructional model: enhancing students academic achievement in the subject of general science at primary level
  248. Islamic perspective of national accreditation council for teacher education (nacte) and problems to nacte in ensuring quality teacher education
  249. A tale of internal displacement: post traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) among school students in swat, pakistan
  250. A case study analysis of a child with learning disability/ies
  251. A critique paper of a published research entitled: teaching strategies and approaches for pupils with special education needs: a scoping study
  252. Challenges facing implementation of inclusive education, a research paper and policy paper
  253. Challenges facing rural primary school teachers in zimbabwe towards the implementation of the new curriculum.
  254. The difference in performance between rural primary schools and urban primary schools in zimbabwe in the national examination.
  255. Comparing and contrasting the two research approaches with special focus on their differences
  256. Effects of whatsapp and facebook on students academic performance in the university for development studies (uds), wa campus
  257. Factors affecting the implementation of universal basic education in bauchi local government area
  258. Examining the educational access and opportunity for special needs students
  259. The influence of western television programmes (wtp) on the cultural values of nigerian youths
  260. An assessment of the rescue mission policy in mitigating educational challenges in taraba state (2015-2018
  261. Depression and stress as determinants of academic underachievement of high ability learners
  262. Institutional capacity and students’ academic performance in oyo state secondary schools.
  263. Delegation of authority and job satisfaction of secondary school teachers in kajola local government, okeho, oyo state.
  264. Project management for development in africa: why projects are failing and what can be done about it?
  265. Research designs, types of research designs, characteristics of good research design
  266. Health and finance:examining and establishing a link
  267. A critical examination of broken homes in nigeria
  268. Education, security and national development:the case of nigeria
  269. Evaluation of private security companies in crime prevention and control in kaduna metropolis
  270. The history of democracy from ancient athens to present day
  271. Student-teacher perception on the relevance of teaching practice exercise on bachelor of education (b.ed) programme: a case study of theuniversity of beni
  272. Foreign direct investment, economic growth and unemployment in nigeria
  273. Education and employment nexus in nigeria
  274. Colonial masters and nigerian rulers: the agents of nigeria underdevelopment.
  275. Managing childhood education in a depressed economy: implication for national development.
  276. Assessment of educational facilities on lecturers performance
  277. Problems and challenges of pz cussons nigeria plc in the development of odogunyan, ikorodu, lagos state. (1980-2018)
  278. Corruption in pension funds administration and the paradox of retirement in nigeria
  279. Psikanalitik öğeler ile the witchi okumak tekinsiz ve iğrenç
  280. An opinion on testing and contact tracing for covid-19 cases in nigeria.
  281. Police in internal security management in nigeria
  282. Mustapha bura caafags risk assessment in damboa
  283. Effect of class size on students’ academic performance in senior public secondary schools in gwagwalada area council, fct, abuja.
  284. Festac 77; an impact analysis of the cultural development on lagos state (1977- 2016)
  285. Social class and identity in chinua achebe’s things fall apart and no’violet bulawayo we need new names
  286. Effect of early marriage and its implication on girl child education in bade emirate. Yobe state, nigeria
  287. Delegation and job satisfaction of employees: a case study of st.henry’s college mbalwa-namugongo
  288. The influence of parental attitude on pupils’ school readiness of bariga council development area of lagos state constituency
  289. Women and community development in rural africa: deconstructing dominant narratives
  290. Ethnicity and political violence in nigeria