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There are 40 million Nigerians online everyday, and these people come with their money.
You want the money, and they will give you the money on one condition, all of them have one condition before they give you money.
What is the condition
They will give you the money if you can convince them on why they should give it to you.
They will give you their money when they realise you really need the money
How Do You Convince Them
1. Identify their problem and convince them that you are the right person to patronise. People buy from who they trust, people buy from who they strongly believe is an expert, the right person to hear from and ask questions.
Once you get to the level where people want to hear what you have to say in a particular business, they will buy from you, even if you dont have the product they want at a particular time they will want you to recommend someone for them, this is because they believe that you are an expert in the field and will know the right person with the right product.
So the first thing to do is identify a problem or an area with many problems, begin to answer those problems, begin to advice people, give out information for free, ask them to ask you questions, and when they do answer them immediately, show them you care about their problems, and after sometime they will think of you whenever the need arises to buy a product you sell
How To Build A Community Of People That Trust You.
This is a very interesting and exciting process.
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