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Project Management Dissertation Topics


Project Management Dissertation Topics


A systems approach to controlling costs in project management- the case of the R&D department for a UK based consumer good manufacturer.


A review on the initiation stage of a project- the case of the UK medicine sector.


The importance of the managerial process within the broad spectrum of project management.


A review of the evolution and development of Project management in Europe’s construction industry.


The impact of project length on management control and quality- the case of the UK healthcare sector.


How intimately are project management and project success related? Review of literature in the US education sector.


A review of the similarities and differences in project management practices across the world.


Green building and project management- review from current literature.


An exploration of the potential possibilities of competitive advantage in project management.


How do project managers assess and plan for Critical Path Analysis- an empirical study.


The validity for uncertainty in difficult and lengthy projects in the UK construction industry.


An investigative analysis for the evolution and development of project management across the past 25 years.


How important is an understanding for the intricate nature of a project towards its effective management.


An explorative analysis for the benchmark standard of maturity measurement in project management.


Developing an understanding for Agile Project Management- evidence from academic literature.


Do PMBOK guidelines effectively prepare managers for successfully handling project risks?


An explorative investigation of the efficacy of the different prevailing project management methodologies- review from the US.


How do organizations justify their choice of software development methodologies?


An empirical analysis of the importance of teamwork on project management- the case of the UK healthcare system.


A comparative analysis of the project management software tools in terms of efficacy within the developed world.


Project management and attitude towards risk- an analysis of the UK oil and gas sector.


An investigative approach to analysis of the differences between Agile and Scrum approach to Project Management in the UK.


Challenges in public procurement for project management in Britain’s IT sector- review of the literature.


Analyzing the stakeholder approach to successful completion and adoption of projects from a global perspective.


An investigation into project management best practices in Europe’s financial sector.


An evaluation of a project’s risk assessment strategies in UK’s medicine sector.


Exploring leadership qualities for successful project management- evidence from the US.


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